The Blue Water Task Force is the Surfrider Foundation’s volunteer-run water testing education and advocacy program.

The goals of the program are to promote environmental stewardship our community and ensure safe and healthy access to coastal habitats for generations to come.

Program Background

Water quality is a key tenet of the Surfrider Foundation’s main mission of creating healthy coasts. One critical measure of a healthy coast is clean water, free of sewage and other contaminants. Clean water allows nutrient cycles to remain balanced and food-webs to function normally. Healthy water systems help to create social resiliency, build stronger communities and provides recreational activities for all ages.

Who can help test the water?

We are working with a number of different groups to engage the public and youth. We have successfully engaged over 75 volunteers since the start of our program in June 2014. To date our partnerships have included:

  • Chapter Volunteers
  • FUN Society kids camps
  • YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange
  • ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School
If your school or club is interested in participating in our Blue Water Youth Task Force Program or you would like to volunteer, please contactCHAIR@VANCOUVERISLAND.SURFRIDER.ORG


Here are a few steps to help keep our waterways clean:

1. We can try to reduce our waste into the ocean by being careful of what we flush down our toilets. For instance, not flushing harmful chemical cleaners or plastics down our toilets and avoiding using fertilizers and pesticides on our lawns will keep these out of our oceans.
2. Choosing to bring re-usable bags on shopping trips will reduce the amount of plastic bags floating in the water.
3. Coming out to beach-clean up events and supporting initiatives that work towards reducing wastes and protecting habitats.

Our Partners

Without the help of our sponsors, the endeavours that we have set out to achieve would not be possible.