Volunteer Spotlight – Shelly Urquhart

What’s your favourite outdoor activity? My favourite outdoor activity is walking on the beach with my dog Benjamin Stanley. He goes almost everywhere with me.
How long have you volunteered with Surfrider? 2 years.
Why did you become involved? I became involved with Surfrider because as I become more aware of what plastic (in particular) is doing to the planet and other species on the planet, I needed to do whatever I could to help.
What was the last SFVI event you attended or volunteered at? The last clean up I attended was in Jordan River.
What is your favourite SFVI event/activity? Hahaha! This is easy! Finding the biggest, and hardest to retrieve thing off of the beach and lugging it out! Close second would be finding a stash of small plastics trapped in a high tide line and spending my time focused on that one spot.
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? Moving to within walking distance of my job would be #1. My life and health improved so much since doing this, plus the time that I save not driving has given me a chance to do more things (like volunteer with Surfrider).
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastic use? Be prepared!! I have some of these amazing bags from Not Just Pretty by BAGGU. I throw one or two over my shoulder when I head out. They don’t take up much space but they really come in handy if I happen to purchase something when I am out. I leave bags in my car (which I barely use) and I have one hanging on the door to my condo as a reminder to take a reusable bag!
Name a local business you support because of their environmental practices? I support local businesses as much as possible because they are local.