Volunteer Spotlight – Randall Cook

What’s your favourite outdoor activity? Attempting to slide down the side of a moving mound of water
How long have you volunteered with Surfrider? About 2 years
Why did you become involved? The clean-up programs and awareness initiatives resonated with me
What was the last SFVI event you attended or volunteered at? I attended the Annual Fundraiser, “If By Sea: Art Auction & Short Film Screening” on Sept 22nd and assisted with the Gonzales Beach pre-weekend transect collection, sorting, and analysis on Sept 6th
What is your favourite SFVI event/activity? I like almost anything that SFVI does; it’s such a great bunch of people who are really dedicated to ocean conservation, minimizing environmental footprints, and truly enjoying the ocean and water sports we have such amazing access to on the Island.
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? One of the first things I saw when I joined Surfrider was the “Top 10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Ocean Contamination” and I’ve been following those ever since. I also encourage others to pick up after themselves and will collect any debris or garbage I see when I go surfing. And I lead a fairly low-carbon lifestyle.
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastic use? Awareness. People need to ask themselves, “Do I really need thin plastic bags around every piece of produce I buy?” To me the answer is “No, I don’t need all that plastic. My fruit and veggies will happily co-mingle in my re-usable bag.” I buy beer in boxes (instead of 6 pack rings), and I refuse plastic bags almost everywhere I shop. I have a 15+ year old backpack that can carry almost all the groceries I need for a week, or a pair of saddlebags for the bike. Once you shift your thinking to be “Plastic Adverse” like I have, you really start to notice how much less plastic you need.
Name a local business you support because of their environmental practices? Mother Nature’s Market on Cook St. It’s in my ‘hood and I love that they had a big sign on their door saying, “We’re going plastic free!” Also, big ups to Ingredients Café!