Volunteer Spotlight – Maureen Hluchy

What’s your favourite outdoor activity? I love to ride my bike, but my favourite coastal activity is swimming in our local oceans and rivers.
How long have you volunteered with Surfrider? A year and a half.
Why did you become involved? I realized that the amount of plastic waste in the world is ridiculous and single-use plastic bags need to be eliminated. I joined to help out with the Ban the Bag campaign.
What was the last SFVI event you attended or volunteered at? The Clean Bin Project Film Screening at the Event Centre in April.
What is your favourite SFVI event/activity? The remote beach clean-up I attended in 2015 at Rugged Point Provincial Park.
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? I’m refusing single-use plastics. I don’t just want to recycle plastics, I want to refuse them first.
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastic use? I have two! First, always carry your reusable bag with you! Second tip – if you buy produce or meat wrapped in additional packaging at the grocery store, ask the cashier or staff at the deli to either remove the packaging, or provide an alternative without any packaging!
Name a local business you support because of their environmental practices? Ingredients Cafe + Community Market. Definitely my #1 choice for shopping!