Volunteer Spotlight – Jessica Weber

What’s your favourite outdoor activity? Hiking and exploring new parks and trails.
How long have you volunteered with Surfrider? 2 years
Why did you become involved? I’ve always been passionate about protecting the environment. This was the perfect thing to volunteer with, that could easily be done with the family and kids included.
What was the last SFVI event you attended or volunteered at? Monthly beach cleanup.
What is your favourite SFVI event/activity? Monthly beach cleanups!
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? Picking up a bit of garbage every time I visit a beach is probably the most effective but I’m also trying to learn more about living plastic/chemical free.
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastic use? Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store is the obvious one. I also bring them along to use at the mall and other stores.
Name a local business you support because of their environmental practices? Canoe Brewpub.