Volunteer Spotlight – Jean-Francois Savard

How long have you volunteered with SFVI? 3 years
Why did you become involved? It’s important for me to protect what we have now for future generations to enjoy.
What are you most excited about working on with SFVI in 2017? Our upcoming remote beach clean ups which will be done with our dedicated volunteers and our ever supporting sponsors.
What’s your favourite outdoor activity? Some people call it surfboarding!
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? I try to change my own habits for better ones and also talk to my community about doing the same.
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastics? Don’t do it! Stop pretending it’s hard to remember to bring your reusable bag, reusable containers, coffee mug…There are lots of options to not use plastic packaged products. Make the effort.
Name a local business or person you support because of their environmental practices. I’d like to say all of the members of our chapters are pretty inspiring when it comes to being aware of the environment and protecting it. These people take time to clean beaches, create events to reach out to our community and fundraise money all for our beloved Mother Earth:) Thank you all🙏