Volunteer Spotlight – Carol-Lynne Michaels

What’s your favourite outdoor activity? Hiking or walking alongside the ocean.
How long have you volunteered with Surfrider? 3 years
Why did you become involved? Stacy White suggested I get involved, so I gave a short talk at a chapter meeting about my choice and challenges taking on a lifestyle that avoids plastic. After meeting everyone and finding out more, I wanted to support Surfrider more actively.
What was the last SFVI event you attended or volunteered at? Either the film screening of The Clean Bin Project and panel discussion—or when we went to city hall for the Ban the Bag campaign.
What is your favourite SFVI event/activity? Definitely the OPEN CINEMA-style film screenings with post-film panel discussions.
What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans? Refusing and not buying plastic, single use disposables and choosing to refill, reuse, repair and buy less.
What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastic use? If you forget your small cloth or mesh bags for bulk or produce shopping, walk over to the bakery or mushroom section and grab a brown paper bag for your grains and goodies.
Name a local business you support because of their environmental practices? Ingredients Café and Community Market