Victory for Recreational Ocean Users

Surfrider Vancouver Island is stoked that we all get to paddle and play in a soon-to-be cleaner marine environment! What great news it was to hear that we are mere weeks away from breaking ground on our new tertiary wastewater treatment facility! It is such a victory for us all to have clean water.

There were many moments over the past few years when it felt hard to stay engaged in such a drawn-out process. The current Capital Regional District and its Board of Directors have done an admirable job despite the very contentious history related to sewage treatment options in this region.

As a grassroots, environmental organization Surfrider knows that every fight to protect our ocean, waves and beaches is the right fight to be in, no matter how long it takes. Our local Chapter is proud to be one of the many other groups and individuals who volunteered their time and energy to defend our coastlines and the marine environment. We are especially thankful to have worked with Mayor Lisa Helps in her role as Chair of the sewage committee of the CRD. She reassured us along the way that there was simply no other option than moving forward with treating our wastewater.

Surfrider is proud to dedicate this victory to the marine environment.

However, we must not stop here. Our oceans continue to face many more threats. Surfrider will celebrate another victory when significant measures are taken to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics from entering the environment and devastating marine ecosystems.