Business Pledge Form

On February 3rd, Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island Chapter (SFVI) celebrated International Plastic Straw Free Day and officially launched our Straws Suck campaign! Will your business join the movement? Or have you already gone plastic straw-free?

What’s in it for you? Surfrider will promote your success as an environmentally friendly business!

As a Plastic Straw-Free Business, Surfrider will link you to a global movement by highlighting 5 STAR and 4 STAR businesses on our SFVI website, and all tiers on our social media pages with over 4500 subscribers Rise Above Plastics Facebook page, SFVI Facebook Page and Twitter. We will also highlight 5 STAR and 4 STAR as green business leaders at our outreach events!

Your Pledge

As the owner or manager of (name of business) I am officially participating in the Straws Suck movement as part of an effort to keep my community pollution free and stop plastic pollution at the source.

As a participating business, we commit to one of the following;

5 STAR = Disposable Straw-Free Business! No single use straws or offer reusable straws (steel, glass or bamboo) only

4 STAR = Paper straws, only on request

3 STAR = Biodegradable or Compostable Straws, only on request (and will look at switching to paper by year end, 2018, see note below)

2 STAR = Paper straws on display, with signage “In an effort to protect our environment, please take only if necessary” OR Paper straws provided for specialty drinks only.

1 STAR = Straws only on request (plastic, with commitment to switch to paper by year end, 2018).

Please Select Committment:

To be implemented no later than: (specify date, 2018)

Note: Biodegradable does not break down efficiently and is not certified as safe for the natural environment once degraded. Compostable is only truly compostable if packaging states a 100% compostable certification symbol and then mainly in specialized, high heat, industrial facilities (there is only 1 facility on the island, in Chemainus, that takes a very small portion of our compostable waste, the rest goes into the landfills). Move up a level by switching to paper!

On behalf of our Oceans, Waves and Beaches, we all thank you for this! Please consider also becoming a Surfrider Approved Business, as a part of the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program.