Sombrio Beach Interpretive Sign

Surfrider Vancouver Island is proud to announce the installation of a new interpretive sign at Sombrio Beach in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park. BC Parks provided Surfrider VI with a grant through the Park Enhancement Fund to develop a sign that would engage park visitors and raise awareness about the impacts that human behaviour has on the wildlife and natural environment present in the park.

The interpretive sign takes a strong first step in reaching out to individuals and encouraging them to use “leave no trace” principles and to respect the beach. Stay tuned as Surfrider VI continues to work on engaging the community and working to keep Sombrio Beach a beautiful place.

Working group members: Surfrider: Lucas Harris, Danny Amato, Courtney Edwards, Dan Adelman, Bryson Robertson

BC Parks:
Zsana Tulcsik, Rod Dalziel, Tory Stevens

Graphic Design work by Lime Design Inc.