With climate change projected to have an imminent effect on our planet, we are all looking for real solutions on how we can lighten our environmental footprint. The Vancouver Island Green Business Collective (VIGBC) is here to help turn your sustainability goals into tangible actions! VIGBC is a regional certification program that supports the efforts of local businesses that are working to reduce their environmental impact. The annual cost of being a VIGBC member is $275.

Key Benefits:

  • Guidance on greening your operations
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Member recognition through VIGBC and Surfrider VI websites, social media, and newsletters
  • Access to the Vancouver Island green business network

Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we recognize there is a need for change when it comes to how our actions impact the planet. To be part of the Collective, businesses partake in the sustainability driven certification program. To do this, a VIGBC Verifier will come to your place of work and work through a checklist to assess your business in seven categories:

  • Building and Operations
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing and Products
  • Climate Action
  • Social

The Verifier will then follow up with suggestions on how a business can green its operations, focusing on impactful, cost-reducing solutions. This one-on-one model allows the Verifiers to tailor their recommendations to each business. Based on how many actions a business completes you will be certified as Silver, Gold, or Green for the year. Through the VIGBC program businesses also have the opportunity to become certified with Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island as an Ocean Friendly Business by completing actions that focus on single use plastic reductions.

VIGBC can currently certify these 5 types of businesses: restaurants, offices, retailers, spas and salons, and fleet and trade based businesses. Check out our Resources section below for the list’s of requirements.

To become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified, please contact

To see a current list of all the businesses who have been certified, click the button below. With over 125 businesses in the collective and growing fast, you can find hair salons, accounting firms, bicycle shops, great restaurants, local retailers and more!

Ocean Friendly Business Directory

What began as the Surfrider Approved Business program has now grown to become the most recognized business certification in the region, thanks to the powerful partnership between the Synergy Foundation and Surfrider Vancouver Island.

Approximately 90% of the waste found on local beaches during Surfriders’ regular beach clean ups are single-use plastics. Through this certification program, it signals to customers, other business owners and the community that the business is actively stewarding local beaches and waterways by reducing unnecessary single-use plastic waste.

Retail Checklist

Guidelines for retail stores to become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified.

Download PDF

Spa/Salon Checklist

Guidelines for spa's, hair salons and businesses in the beauty industry to become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified.

Download PDF

Restaurant Checklist

Guidelines for restaurants to become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified.

Download PDF

Office Checklist

Guidelines for business offices to become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified.

Download PDF

Fleet Checklist

Guidelines for businesses with a vehicle fleet to become SFVI Ocean Friendly Business certified.

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In 2016, Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island partnered with the Vancouver Island Green Businesses Certification (VIGBC) program to launch a new campaign that links businesses to responsible actions that will help keep our local beaches and waterways clean.

For the current list of all certified businesses you can view them here

Visit and become a VIGBC member in 6 easy steps! When you are ready to certify, your business will be assigned to a VIGBC verifer who will conduct an annual site visit to help you find solutions to greening your business, focusing on impactful, cost-reducing solutions on the checklists. This one-on-one coaching model allows VIGBC to tailor our recommendations to your specific business, provide you with resources and help you overcome any challenges.

Project Lead

Jarret Klim - Synergy Foundation