Multi-Beach Cleanup

A few weeks ago, we drove out along the West Coast to four of our favourite beaches: China, Mystic, French and Sombrio. We all love these beaches, whether it’s for surfing, camping, swimming, or playing with our friends, families or furry animal friends. So naturally, we hate seeing our beaches littered with trash.

At first glance, the shorelines look spotless; the water crystal clear. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find styrofoam, cigarette butts, discarded doggy bags and more.┬áTogether, with a group of 100+ volunteers, we cleaned it up, hauling off nearly 200lbs of trash in one afternoon. We found dozens of large pieces of foam, lengths of electrical wire and rope, hundreds of tiny pieces of foam, and more … foam. We collected handfuls of soft and hard plastics, most of it torn to bits. You can imagine we’ve seen it all: tampon applicators, broken bottles, underwear, grocery lists, etc.

Thanks to BC Parks, our friends at Atlas Junk, Whole Foods, and Ed’s Soup Shack, and of course all the volunteer support, we accomplished a huge feat. We tidied up our beaches, just in time for spring. Here are a few of our favourite photos from our mini-remote cleanup.

We found hundreds of styrofoam pieces buried under rocks, branches and logs. Photo by: Sally McIntyre

Putting all the trash together at Mystic Beach. Photo by: Zoe Melanie Minnaard

Delicious and warm soup provided by the one and only Ed’s Soup Shack! Photo by: Sally McIntyre

Sorting! Photo by: Zoe Melanie Minnaard

Beach clean crew from China Beach! Photo by: Sally McIntyre

Beach clean crew at French Beach! Photo by: Erin McIntosh