King Tides 2013

We are excited to announce a new Surfrider Vancouver Island Initiative – King Tides!

Every winter the BC coast experiences extreme high tides, also known as King Tides. King tides illustrate the average water levels we can expect in the next 100 years due to climate change induced sea level rise. Imagine high water and storm surge on top of that new sea level, and it is clear we need to start preparing for this reality now.

Surfrider Vancouver Island is partnering with the Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment to promote the King Tides Photo Initiative across B.C. which is also partnered with other jurisdictions around the world. The King Tide Photo Initiative is an opportunity to learn more about our coastlines and how they will change. This helps us identify tools and approaches that may help us prepare. Another goal of King Tides is to raise awareness of sea level rise.

Visit for more information and events in your locations. The next King Tides Events in some popular locations are listed below.


We encourage you to visit your favourite shoreline during king tide events and capture images and share with others.

Enter the prize draw

Share your photo online in the following ways:

– Upload your photos to Instagram using the mobile app and tag them with #KingtidesBC2013.
– Upload your photos to Flickr and tag them with #KingtidesBC2013 and make sure your photos are licensed as Creative Commons*.
This year, you will earn ONE ENTRY for posting photos on Instagram or Flickr. If you post on both flickr and instagram, you will get two entries.

*Creative commons and public domain licensing are important as we want people to be able to freely use and share these images. Only creative commons images will be entered.

So get out there and take some photos!

Vancouver Dec 7 9:35am

Vancouver Dec 8 10:19am

Vancouver Dec 9 11:03am

Vancouver Dec 10 11:47am

Victoria Dec 2 12:13pm

Victoria Dec 3 12:47pm

Victoria Dec 29 10:22am

Victoria Dec 30 10:55am

Victoria Dec 31 11:37am

Tofino Dec 1 10:40am

Tofino Dec 2 11:25am

Tofino Dec 3 12:10pm

Tofino Dec 4 12:57pm

Tofino Dec 30 10:14am

Tofino Dec 31 11:06am