How To Lead A Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanups are a great way to get outdoors with family, friends and co-workers to do your part. Lots of people ask us how they can put together their own, so we’ve put together this handy guide to assist you in your own cleanup project.


Before heading out on your beach clean, check the weather and tides to make sure conditions are safe! There’s a great tides app you can download called “Tides Near Me”.


Bring your friends! Call on family, acquaintances, neighbors, classmates, coworkers and friends to pitch in.


Bring the right supplies. You’ll need: work gloves, buckets, and reusable shopping bags (avoid disposable gloves and plastic garbage bags).


Dress for the weather and be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands!


While walking, scope out different areas of the ground and see what stands out, it may be small pieces like a plastic straw or a large item like a tire. Make sure to only pick up foreign debris, and leave any natural elements in their respective environment.


If you’re on the beach, you will most likely be able to find all kinds of microplastics. Look behind driftwood and in the vegetative line to find tiny colourful pieces of plastic.


Take photos. Visuals help to tell a story and serve as evidence for the data you collect.


Bring all the materials home to sort, with the goal of diverting as much material from the landfill as possible.


Reflect on your clean up and how you can prevent plastic pollution through your own actions. Discuss you ocean friendly behaviours with your friends and work together to make a difference!