How long has Surfrider VI been running?

Our chapter was formed in 2009.

How much garbage do you find on local beaches?

In 2018, we removed over 7,000 pounds from our local beaches!

How many volunteers come out to beach cleanups every year?

In 2018 alone we had over 1,000 volunteers turn out across all of our South Island beach cleanups.

I’m mad at a company for poor environmental practices, what can I do?

1 – Email them, the more people that do so, the more we can drive change throughout that industry
2 – Call them out on your own personal social media accounts
3 – Get involved in local environmental activities to channel your passion

How many people do we have engaged?

On Facebook we have over 5,000 followers, Instagram, more than 2,000 and our newsletter is sent to over 1,000 beach lovers each month.

How can I lead my own beach cleanup?

We’ve put together this handy guide to give you an idea of where to start: How To Lead A Beach Cleanup