What position do you hold on the Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island (SFVI) Executive Committee?


I have been the Events Coordinator, and am currently transitioning into the Social Media Coordinator position.



How long have you volunteered with SFVI?


Since December 2012



Why did you become involved?


I love being near water and I’ve been cleaning more garbage off of them over the years. When I found that Surfrider was trying to do something about it, I had to join in…Protect what you love!

What are you most excited about working on with SFVI in 2017?


Wavehunt 2017 at China Beach on February 25!



What’s your favourite outdoor activity?


Anything near a beach: cyling to a beach, sleeping on a beach, surfing, swimming, SUP, bbq, beach clean ups…it’s all good…


What is the #1 thing you are doing to save our oceans?


Refusing plastic straws when I order a drink and encouraging businesses to replace them with paper straws or no straws. If I really need to use a straw, I’ll use a metal or glass one instead.


What is your #1 tip to reduce single-use plastics?


I set up a little kit of fabric bag, jars, cup and spork and try to remember to bring it with me in case I eat drink or shop (which happens often..)


Name a local business or person you support because of their environmental practices.


There are so many great local businesses to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one: Ingredients, Soap Exchange, Mother Nature, Habit Coffee, Big Wheel Burger, Moksha Yoga, Nezza Naturals, 10 Acres


How can someone interested in the work you are doing get a hold of you?


Email me at ​events@vancouverisland.surfrider.org​ or stop by the Surfrider table at events for more information.