Compostable Plastics at the University of Victoria: The Breakdown

Surfrider worked with Uvic’s SOSC program to mentor two students this year. Carmen Pavlov and Emily Wharin researched the path that single-use compostable plastic items take at the University of Victoria.

They learned that there’s a huge communication gap between purchasers in Uvic’s cafes and restaurants, the students and faculty who eat there, and the waste management team that takes garbage away.


Investigate the waste stream of compostable plastic products from UVic.


Generate recommendations and present them to UVic.


Report findings to Surfrider as a case study for how compostable plastics are being mismanaged.

They presented their findings at our chapter meeting at Patagonia on January 28th.

Read more about what they discovered here by downloading a copy of the full presentation.

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