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Project Zero

Surfrider Vancouver Island, in partnership with Synergy Sustainability Institute (SSI), is promoting a new initiative within our region called Project Zero. 

Project Zero is a focused initiative on circular economy innovation that would advance quality of life, economic equality through incubation, innovation, education and advocacy.  As an island community, we import most of our goods, and export most of our waste. In addition, we have lost many entry level jobs due to logistical challenges. We have a highly creative, entrepreneurial, and progressive community. Project Zero will facilitate connectivity, incubate ideas and create awareness around circular solutions that will turn our greatest challenges into our greatest opportunities. 

Circular Economy Vision:

By 2040 Vancouver Island will exist as a thriving circular economy. Our residents will own less, but live more fulfilling lives. Material goods will be shared, not stored. Our waste will be our greatest resource. The up-cycling and circular economy will employ hundreds of people, many of them small, independent businesses. Fewer goods will arrive to Vancouver Island by boat, plane and ferry, reducing emissions, packaging and waste.  

In sum, a Circular Economy is one: 

  • where we share more than we own, freeing income and sparing resources

  • where new ideas come to life and inspire other regions

  • where products are made and repaired locally

  • where economic equality is the new norm

  • where one’s waste is another’s resource

Throughout the year Surfrider VI will be hosting educational talks, planning meetings, up-cycling workshops, film screenings, and contests all aimed to help wrap our minds around this new way of thinking. Stay tuned for upcoming Zero Waste events and/or for more information on this project or ways to get involved, email co-chapter manager Chris-Ann at:

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