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October 27 - November 02
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    October Chapter Meeting

    7:00 pm-9:00 pm

    Think Like A Fox: Intro to Sustainable Thinking Workshop 

    Learn how to connect with your immediate environment through a sustainable lens with Sadie, lead consultant and founder of The Sustainable Fox. The Sustainable Fox works to contribute to a more sustainable society by bridging the gap between the desire to operate with environmental sustainability in mind and the ability to do so. The company works with businesses to make sustainable actions the easiest choice within their spaces, with community groups on sustainable event planning, and with individuals to empower sustainable choices. 


    “This journey began for me several years ago with the Glass Jar Challenge. Ever since, the way I see and think, and how I make choices has changed drastically – along with the size of my trash bin. Living a sustainable low waste life is easy! Switching to a low waste life takes practice…A smaller footprint, say… a foxprint! That’s the goal.” – Sadie


    Please join us at Coastline Surf & Sport on Tuesday, October 29 from 7-9PM. See you there!

    SFVI chapter meetings are a great chance to meet new people, connect with others that have a shared passion, and learn about initiatives and projects within the community! Food will be provided, but please bring your own cup for beverages!

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