Flores Island Provincial Park, May 27th – May 29th 2011

Combing the Coast Summary 2011

The Combing the Coast campaign idea began with a unique remote beach cleanup event in 2011. Surfrider Vancouver Island partnered with BC Parks and the Canadian Coast Guard and organized a remote 3-day beach cleanup event on Flores Island.

Flores Island is approximately 26km from the town of Tofino in Clayoquot Sound, with travel by boat taking approximately 30 minutes. Eleven volunteers from the Vancouver Island chapter of the Surfrider Foundation undertook a beach cleanup on the beaches of Flores Island Provincial Park from May 27th to May 29th.  This event was a huge success, with the volunteers removing almost a half-ton of marine debris from the island. For more information, check out the “Summary” sheet, as well as the post about the event on Patagonia’s blog “The Cleanest Line”:


Stay tuned for news of the upcoming 2012 Combing the Coast Remote Beach Cleanup!