Febraruy 9th, 2014

Due to snow in Port renfrew we cleaned up the Songhees walkway shoreline for February’s clean up!

Volunteers removed 100 lbs of debris from the coastline and we were able to recycle 43 lbs at Ellice Recycling LTD in Victoria!

We removed:

57 lbs garbage

5 lbs soft plastic

6 pounds of cans and bottles

32 lbs of hard plastic

February 17, 2013


With Help from Volkswagen Victoria and their Sprinter service van (behind the group in the above photo) we were able to bring a lot of the debris we picked up in Port Renfrew to Ellice Recycling LTD. in Victoria and get the garbage off the beach!

Dominant debris-types found: Aluminum Cans, Plastic Film,  and Hard Plastic Fragments


February 2012:


Dominant debris-types found: Aluminum Cans and Styrofoam